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portable Car Gps Review: Garmin Nuvi 1450

portable Car Gps Review: Garmin Nuvi 1450

Garmin's naming project for their consumer targeted nuvi devices like the Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt can be a bit confusing. Finding at the price is one way to tell how the features stack up but the price of the Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt is similar to a few other Garmin devices like the Garmin nuvi 1370T. Both devices have different highlight sets but this one has the upper hand in terms of lifetime features. It is basically a larger version of the 1350Lmt.

Product Overview

The Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt has a 5.0-inch display which is highly ideal for getting a lot of map coverage regardless of zoom level. Although it has the same 480 x 272 resolution as the smaller 4.3-inch devices, the pixels appear a bit bigger so it is easier to see the graphics which can be nice if you mount the gismo on the windshield or dashboard.

Product Features

Garmin nuvi devices are celebrated for working immediately out of the box. In fact, it comes with a rather kindly interface presenting just two large icons on the screen along with a small link to the options. The 'Where to?' button is recommended for first time users that want to plan a route quickly. The 'View Map' button is just as kindly as it lets you view your current position as well as any surrounding points of interests. The map is colorful and the optional 3-D view is highly graphical. Sliding the finger on the screen causes the map to scroll smoothly. Overall, the user interface looks much best on a 5-inch display.

If you have used a Garmin nuvi gismo before, all things about the navigational feel should be familiar. Text-to-speech features are provided so you can stay focused on the road while listening to key cues whenever you need to turn. It stays precise by calling out the road name so you absolutely don't have to cross check if you are turning on the right street.

The Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt also provides handy navigational aid on the highway as well through the lane sustain feature. It prevents drivers from staying in the wrong lane when a significant exit turn needs to be made. Without this feature, this is that possibility to miss a planned turn just because the driver is in the wrong lane and that can disrupt the whole trip. The 3-D view does a astounding job in highlighting the lane to remind the driver to move and stay there.

It is also inherent to plan a amount of smaller routes which can be useful for trip planning. Up to 10 routes can be saved simultaneously and the look of these routes look good on the large display. Planning the routes is as easy as defining the points since the Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt does the rest in generating the best route. It also comes with a nice highlight that calculates the route in such a way to favor minimal fuel consumption. This highlight is called ecoRoute and it is highly recommended to use if you want to save money on gas. As you advance through your trip, the Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt will leave bread crumb marks spanning up to 10,000 points to make it easy to backtrack. This highlight also takes traffic into catalogue thanks to the expanding of lifetime traffic updates.

There is abundance to do with the Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt as long as you are in the Us area. There are more than 6 million points of interest within the searchable database and you can always add additional points if necessary. But the best way to update is through the lifetime maps highlight where you can quickly join together your gismo to the Garmin gismo so you can obtain the maps for free. You can do this up to 4 times a year for a lifetime. If you want even more details, you can take benefit of the optional cityXplorer highlight which is nice if you are in unfamiliar cities. This highlight highlights the inherent social transit areas as well as walking paths.

Other nifty features include a Jpeg image viewer, determination converter, currency converter, and world clock. It is also inherent to use Garmin's very own Garmin join together aid to obtain photos for the map. It also has a MicroSd card slot in case you want to view other photos or play back any audio files in the card.

The Garmin nuvi 1450Lmt is a large but thin gismo that has a balanced highlight set which is why the price quite cheap at under 0. Don't forget that this has both lifetime map and traffic updates manufacture this a astounding gismo that won't need upgrading for a long while.

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