Thursday, October 13, 2011

Garmin approach G5 narrate

Garmin charges to the front of the pack with the Garmin approach G5. The G5 is the first Garmin branded golf Gps. Garmin has made Gps units for other clubs like the GolfLogix, but with the approach G5 Garmin has now made its first golf Gps under its own brand.

This Gps is super tough and is built for the abuses of the golf course. It is rugged and waterproof. Its building is based on the Garmin Oregon Gps which is a rugged, hiking trail type Gps. The trail Gps units are built for more abuse than a Gps will caress on a golf course.

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The Garmin approach G5 is at the top of the price range for golf Gps, but it includes many features that are extra charges on less costly Gps units.

The most costly extra charges for most golf Gps units are the each year subscription and the costs for downloading golf procedure maps. The Garmin approach G5 eliminates these extra charges. It includes over 10,000 golf courses (in the United States) plus lifetime free online procedure additions and updates. Garmin has already updated over 400 of the originally released courses. All this is included in the price of the unit. Naturally go to the download page on the Garmin website and download the courses you want to play at no additional cost. Before you buy, check that your popular courses are in the Garmin database.

The ease of use of the Garmin approach G5 has impressed all who have used it. Who wants to read instructions? You need a unit that is intuitive and easy to use.

The Garmin approach G5 always places you within three meters of your actual position using with the G5's high sensitivity, Waas (Wide Area Augmentation System) receiver. With this accuracy, you can locate yourself on the procedure so you can tap on the touch screen and the Gps will tell you the length from your location to the location of your tap. With the approach G5, you can part the length to any spot on the course.

A easily neat feature is the "Green View". This allows you to reposition the pin on the green to match the current position so you will get strict length to the current pin placement. Using "Green View", touch the pin on the display and drag it to the current pin location. This immediately gives you the strict length to the new pin placement.

This Gps also serves as a scorekeeper for your foursome. You can download the scores to your Pc using the Usb interface when you get home.

In summary, the features of the Garmin approach G5 include:

o Touch Targeting - part the length to any location by touching everywhere on the screen.

o Green View - view of the green that lets you touch-and-drag the pin location to for the current pin location.

o Scorekeeping - touch to enter score for your group.

o Measure shot distance.

o Preview a procedure - you can crusade for courses near you or by city/state or procedure name search. Preview every hole of a course.

This is an outstanding golf Gps and is worth the price. With it, you will never wonder about procedure distances again.

For more facts about the Garmin approach G5, read the reserved supply facts at the end of this article.

Garmin approach G5 narrate

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