Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Star Trek Voice File for Garmin nuvi GPS

Star Trek Voice File for Garmin nuvi GPS Video Clips. Duration : 3.48 Mins.

Star Trek The Next Generation LCARS voice file for Garmin nuvi GPS. This voice file is compatible with the following nuvi models (when you see an "X", that means "any number"): 2x0, 2x5, 5x0, 7x0, 7x5, 8x0, 12xx, 13xx, 14xx, 16xx, 5000, zumo 660. If you have a W or T at the end of your model name, that's fine, it will work. This download is two files. The voice file itself and a PDF instructing you how to install it. You can download the files here: www.lulu.com

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